Seven tips to make your tenants move-in easier

When people start packing and moving it's almost always going to be done quickly and haphazardly. Many people throw all their belongings in big boxes and stack them with no rhyme or reason.

Self-storage operators will be able to help their tenants from this headache by providing some tips and suggestions on organization and ideas to make their unit more structured. These 7 tips will help your tenants fix and organize their belongings and avoid any stress during moving in or out of your unit.

Provide Label Makers

Boxes clearly marked with labels are much easier to organize and find. A way to encourage this organization system is to invest in a label maker and loan them out to your new tenants. It could be a way to make some extra cash and provide a nice service others might not. One large label on each box can go a long way. You could also provide an inventory sheet that your tenants can use to keep track of their belongings. Another way of helping your customers is offering your tenants "fragile" stickers. These can give them another layer of protection so the items don't get damaged in their move. You should suggest to your tenants that moving the most fragile boxes towards the back so they won't be moved around or damaged if the tenant needs to sort through their belongings in the future.

Sell Packing Materials

Many self-storage facilities offer packing materials. This provides your tenants with a valuable service and also offers you to make some extra money. During their move-in, a lot of people find out they need to repack their belongings in order to stack them without harming any of the contents. This is where you come in! By providing your customers with an array of packing materials, tapes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and protective sheeting. Or even moth balls if the customer wants to store a lot of clothes. You can help their move become so much easier.

Offer a Variety of Boxes       

Whether they need plastic tubs to keep items airtight or plain cardboard boxes, providing customers with a variety of options gives them flexibility to organize all their goods as efficiently as possible. When deciding what boxes to offer, think about what sizes will fit best in your storage units. Smaller boxes may be preferable, as they help keep items in organized groups that can be quickly sorted through. Stock hanging-clothes boxes that tenants can use to organize their clothing efficiently, and keep their wardrobe clean and wrinkle-free.  

Consider Shelving Options

Help your tenants get the most out of their unit by providing shelves. Find out what sizes are able to fit your units and have them on hand to be rented out. You could also provide them a service of installing the shelving for them. For a fee of course! Shelving can make so much more space available in a unit and make it much more organized. Renting out wooden pallets is also a good idea. Pallets keep their belongings from being on the floor to better protect them from the elements. They can be pricey though. Suggest them to renters that plan on staying for a long time.

Create Layout Maps for Units

Encourage your customers to use that inventory sheet we mentioned earlier in the blog. With this they can have a detailed and clear assessment of everything they packed. Print out a diagram of the unit as well. Having a visual reference your tenants can see can make things so much easier. Many first time renters can be very confused of the layout of a unit. Having these things ready will make their move-in easier, faster, and pain free.  

Offer Advice on Storing Heavy-Duty Equipment

As a storage facility owner you’ve seen a lot to know whats best for packing and arranging boxes in a neat and orderly and safe manner. Use your experience to help your tenants with larger items. Storing items like lawn mowers or power tools can be hazardous if not stored or taken care of properly. These items can cause damage from fluid drains and not being cleaned before being stored. Hardware such as this should be stored onto a plastic sheet or tarp to protect the storage unit from any damages. Another sheet should be placed on-top to protect any of their other stored items from damage as well. Always let your tenants know which items are not allowed to be stored in your facility before renting the units.

Refer Tenants to Dependable Moving Companies

Many of your customers have no idea who to trust or if they’re actually going to be geting a good deal from a moving company. By providing a list of moving companies that you consider to be reliable or trustworthy, you can give your customers more peace of mind during their move. Try talking to the companies you deem reliable before though. In return these companies could refer you new customers to your facility for their storage needs. By providing your experience and knowledge to your new tenants and offering these services listed above will make everyone happier. It makes you look good and also keeps a smile on their faces.

Should I be sending out text messages?

Self storage owners need to make paying for a unit for their customers as easy as possible. One way to do this is through text messages. SMS text messages allow the facilities managers or owner be able to get into contact easier, and usually faster. Everyone is now living in a virtual world and always on their phones. Sending alerts through text is the way to go in today’s society. There are some things to consider though. Before you set up automatic text messages to your customers
    You need to let your tenants know that they’re going to be receiving these messages. They have the right to know which messages that are being sent.. The tenants have a right to opt out at anytime. The system should only be sending out texts at certain times too! (9AM-8PM) for example. No one wants to be woken up by texts in the middle of the night! Please don’t bombard them with messages either!  Maybe an invoice and or a late fee text is enough!    Texts are an awesome way to get your customers attention and are usually appreciated. The messages you send out have a link to pay their bills or just even a link to their statement. A timely payment reminder can help customers avoid late fees, which they’ll appreciate! Your younger tenants, (college students) are much more likely to be reading your texts then answering your phone calls to them. So while it’s a great feature to have. Just don’t abuse it! Easy Storage Solutions is currently working on a two-way text messaging system. We should have some news on it in the near future.