Published on 6/29/2017

Have you heard about the ESS Access Control?

One of the most common issues we deal with over at Easy Storage Solutions has to do with gates. Whether it being them not syncing, problems with the computer controlling the gate or even it just being broken. We decided it was time to come up with our own solution to better help serve our clientele. What we decided on was to partner with the company 'PDK' to help our customers get the best service we can possibly provide.

Our system is called 'ESS Access Control'  it is a web-based we found that the old gate software and hardware's out there have been become very archaic and just don't provide the customer support that's needed to help keep your gates up and running properly like they should be. Now that we have partnered with PDK we can now help our customers even more than we could before. 

Here are some of the benefits that our new system gives to our customers:

  1. All you need is an internet connection! We send you the hardware -Cloud Node Gate Controller - Ruggedized Keypad - Pedestal - Power Supply - Backup Battery - Wires - Cables.
  2. No more dedicating a Windows PC to your gate software! Windows firewalls and constant updates often cause problems communicating with your gate. This solution eliminates those problems.
  3. Seamless integration with Easy Storage Solutions Software! Manage gate codes directly from your Easy Storage Software. Codes are sent to the gate controller instantly! Customers can choose and change their own gate codes!
  4. Never lose your data! Being a web based software you will never have to worry about hard drive failures.
  5. Backup battery! Keep your gate codes useable even in a power outage.
  6. Great customer service! It's no secret that other gate software companies don't have a reputation for good customer service. With the web-based gate software, you will get help Directly from us!

If you're interested in the ESS Access Control gate system feel free to call Easy Storage Solutions at 888-958-5967. We have a dedicated staff waiting to hear from you. To get a quote we need the following information:

1. How many access points (gates or doors) do you need access control on?

2. How many readers to you need at each entry point? 1 or 2? (One on entry and one on exit) The gate controller(Cloud node) can have 2 readers connected to it

3. What kind of pedestal do you want for your reader(s) you can choose (42-9C-BLK is the most common)

4. What kind of hood would you like? (6x6 fits the best)

5. Do you have an office where you can install the Cloud Node? If not is there a climatized unit with power near the gate?

6. How many feet will be between each reader and the Cloud Node (so we can price out how many feet of 22/6 conductor cable (reader wire) you need. How far from the cloud node to the door opener? 18/2 (gate opener wire)

7. Who is installing your gate that will be opening and closing? Does that installer have a gate opener they will be installing?  Note: The gate opener/motor needs to be wired to the Cloud Node.  We are not providing or selling gate openers at the current moment

8. The weather/temperature rating for the cloudnode is 32-122 degrees Fahrenheit and 0-95% relative humidity non-condensing.

9. Does your area require an "SOS" or "Siren Operated Sensor"?

10. Shipping Address

11.  If you have multiple doors/gates, will the other gate/door have access to a power outlet? If not, you will need a high voltage power converter.  Power into the Cloudnode is 12VAC

Here at Easy Storage Solutions we're always looking for the best way to serve our customers.